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literotica and lushstories

not showing it all is often more exciting

Getting free literotica and lushstories can be a difficult task. But with a little bit of research you will soon find it easy to access the hottest adult novels and the sexiest erotic stories online.

After a quick research I found literotica [dot] com and lushstories [dot] com, they are the most obvious to find really, Connect there and you will find plenty of adult stories over there, from incest stories, wifelovers, masturbation stories and more!

But these are pretty big freesexstories websites and certainly not as friendly as a smaller site I found. There you can definitely read quite a lot of sexstories and enjoy some sensual adultsex.

The name of this site is quite attractive: My Pouty Lips. It says it is the JOURNAL OF A SWEET AND SEXY GIRL WHO LIKES TO EXPOSE HER LIFE. I posted a link to there just here:

My Pouty Lips is a journal of intimate confessions, lushstories and secrets, a mouth watering read that turns you on and gives you pleasurable moments.
The design is nice and clear, the owner really sexy and friendly (with very erotic lips), it is quite easy to navigate through the different sections which I will describe here:

First you have Erotica, which is the part where you can find sexy stories from the Owner Angelicka and also from guest authors that she welcomes on her site.You have quite a lot to read, all is absolutely free and there are some very funny comments as well.

Then another part is about hot tips. I love this part too, and there you can find amazing tips like for example DIY dildo and homemade sex toys, anal sex tips, her favorite sex positions and much more. It is quite entertaining and interactive as well as you can ask for specific sexy tips in the comments.

The third one and the most sensual may be is the intimate confession of Angelicka to her diary.By reading them you get to know this mysterious lady and her very particular life. She really has charisma and a lovely character. I wish i could meet her in real, she is so mysterious!

The other main section is quite new and still not as full, but very interesting. It is called Ask Angelicka and under the form of a forum you can ask the questions you like related to sex and intimate things. A guy there was asking about anal sex and the discussion was interesting. And hot! I hope more people will ask interesting questions as well hehehe

There are other smaller sections as well that you can navigate on the menu at the top of the site. The one I found interesting it the freebies section with some nice sexy wall papers. I checked their Facebook page as well and it is quite fun! I confess I followed them.

So that’s it for this review. I must say I give My Pouty Lips a very good rating and encourage you to visit the site if you like literotica. See you soon for another review!